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Upcoming research

At the Youth Endowment Fund, all of our funding is done to build a better understanding of what works to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in violence.

As well as funding projects and evaluations, we also invest in other types of high-quality research about violence, its causes and its consequences.

Below you can find a list of our commissioned research projects, along with their expected publication dates*.

Causes and Contexts: Evidence Review on racial disproportionality and youth violence

We have committed to understanding the wider factors associated with youth violence, including broad socio-economic factors and topical issues that are widely believed to be key causes of or contexts for youth violence. As part of this we are commissioning two reviews; one on racial disproportionality and one on poverty.

Research organisation: The University of Greenwich

Planned publication date: 2024

Children, violence and vulnerability 2023

Our annual Children, violence and vulnerability report explores the ways in which violence – and fear of violence – is shaping children’s lives.

Planned publication date: November 2023

Causes and Contexts: Evidence review on poverty and youth violence

To understand how poverty impacts upon youth violence, we’ve commissioned a six-month programme of research consisting of two work packages. The first will systematically review the literature to synthesise evidence for how poverty relates to youth violence, and when and for whom poverty is relevant to engaging in violence. The second will apply the same systematic review methodology to scope interventions that aim to reduce poverty and impact upon youth violence, including a quality assessment of the evidence.  

Research organisation: UCL

Planned publication date: 2024

*Please note, the planned publication dates may be subject to change.